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S.B.P. Vidya-Vihar, Bagdumba, Gurudham Bounsi (Banka) has become a pioneer in the field of education in a very short span of time. At present I think progress the school has made needs to be reoriented to reflect our Founder Director’s ethos and his immortal philosophy of national sentiments adequately. Our Babuji Late Birkodar singh relized that an integrated development of the human personality is essential for a healthy society. This led to the establishment of S.K.P. Vidya Vihar at Bhagalpur, Rajpur Banka, Deoghar.

It was babuji’s vision and encouragement that parallel excellent chain of institutions came gradually in its being S.S. vidya Vihar at Dumka and S.B.P. Vidya Vihar Bagdumba, Gurudham, Bounsi, S.B.P. Vidya Vihar, Sirsa Katihar.

Our efforts are not only limited to the attainment of the academic excellence of our scholars. But also to tap and nurture their talents and transform them into refined, accomplished and responsible citizens. Hence, in this connection, to my mind three critical issues stand out:-

(i) Inculcation of Human values.
(ii) Development of a Scientific Temper.
(iii) Awareness about responsibility to the Community and the Nation.

In fact destiny of a man is shaped at home, in the school and in society the three Sources of empowerment. So, it is my humble appeal to all reverend parents to train their children to obey Their parents, teachers, and elders and follow the teaching of God given in the spiritual religious books of all religions. Science and religion both ought to be in the harmony; S.B.P. Vidya- Vihar applies Scientific methods for discovering religious truth with the aim to know the spiritual principals which must become a guiding force for the use of scientific discoveries.

Lastly let us teach children that we are created by one Almightily God and we must share common spiritual destiny. Let us create a united, casteless prejudice free society.

Jai Bharat

Ran Bijay Prasad Singh,
Executive Director