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The school has a lush green campus with world-class facilities for the complete growth of your child. All modern cutting-edge features and advantages are implemented straight away, which may make an impact on the learning experience of the children. Here are some of the featured facilities we possess:

Smart Classroom
Smart Classroom

A smart classroom is a technology-enhanced learning classroom that enhances the way of teaching and learning digitally. The classroom is integrated with the digital displays, tabs, whiteboards, assistive listening devices, and other audio/visual components that make lectures easier, engaging, and more interactive.


The school lays great emphasis on sports as well. Students are allowed to play Indoor and outdoor games in the guidance of qualified and experienced Games Master.

Extra Curricular Activity

The school lays great emphasis on extracurricular activities. These form an integral part of the curriculum. The students are divided into four Houses. The activities are performed in the form of Inter – House competition. Throughout the year the Science Exhibition, Science workshop Mathematics workshop, folk dance etc. are held.

Computers & Internet

In the era of cut-throat competition, putting this point of view we provide latest technology and the most fundamental trends to each one.

Special Highlighted Activities

Accordingly our school routine we follow the special classes on Saturday about Debate, Word Power pronunciation (American & British System), Science & G.K. quiz etc.

Music and Dance
Music & Dance

Music and dance are the integral ingredients to develop the aesthetic values in the happy life of a child. The school has an impressive array of various classical and folk instruments which are important for personal accomplishment and learning.

Hostel & Food Court

The school has separate hostels for boys and girls with comprehensive amenities and security. The hostel also has food catering facility for hostel residents, which provide nourishments and energy to the students with hygiene.

Transport Facilities

Bus facility is provided by the school. It is compulsory for all the students to board the bus at their respective stoppage. Students once admitted in bus will have to pay bus fee for all the 12 months. Discontinuation of the bus during session is not allowed. Conveyance Facilities may be arranged by the school for those residing in the town area but a seat in the bus in not guaranteed.


Knowledge has no endings, so learning. A true student must not be encircled in the text books only. This quest of knowledge and learning is served by the school library. The school has a decent and well-stocked library. The library is full of books, journals, magazines and papers. A high-speed internet connection adds more power to the student in a quick search of their quest.


The school has a well-equipped laboratory for the scholars. It provides all standard facilities for practical and science projects. The experienced lab instructors guide students in every move.